Support animals/ Animal sponsorship

In principle, you can become a godparent for any animal, because animals can have several godparents.

A sponsorship is available from a contribution of 30 euros. Sponsorships can also be arranged for larger animals or for the park in general. The sponsorship amount is based, among other things, on the annual maintenance costs.


With a sponsorship you support us with your donation in the maintenance of our animals. Your contribution helps us, for example, to buy special feed, to take care of animal activities or to make facilities even more species-appropriate and more natural.


For a sponsorship simply enter


Telephone: 035054/25825 or 035054 294000

Mobile: 0174 324 71 33

contact us.


You can sponsor the animals listed below. The “minimum values” of animal sponsorships are given below.


From a sponsorship contract of 100 €/year there is a sponsorship sign on the enclosure and an invitation to the annual sponsorship meeting.


From a sponsorship value of 200 €/year (no matter which animal) you will receive a sponsorship contract, a free ticket for animal sponsors (family 2 adults and 3 children), an invitation to the annual sponsorship meeting and a sponsor sign on the enclosure.


You can determine the exact value of the sponsorship.


Are you looking for an original gift? How about sponsoring a common marmoset? But it could also be a cute Benett kangaroo or a local animal like fallow deer? No problem!


Sponsorship agreement

Duck, Goose, Dwaf rabbit and Guinea pig

30,00 €

Pygmy, birts

50,00 €

Sponsorship agreement with sponsor sign at the enclosure annual sponsorship meeting


100,00 €

Mini pig, Soaysheep, Quessant sheep

100,00 €

Red fox

100,00 €

Donkey, Red deer, Fallow deer, lbex ,Mouflon

150,00 €


150,00 €

Wild boars

150,00 €

Great Gray Owl / Little Owl

150,00 €


150,00-200,00 €

Sponsorship agreement
Animal sponsor with free ticket for animal sponsors (family 2 adults and 3 children), annual sponsorship meeting and sponsor sign at the enclosure


200,00 €

Small-clawes otter

200,00 €


200,00 €

Falabella, Highland Dwarf Cattle

200,00 €

mini kangaroo

200,00 €


200,00 €

snow owl/ siberian owl

200,00 €

Reindeers, Deer, Lynx

300,00 €